Furniture Trades Provident and Benevolent Association Orphan Homes, Radlett, Hertfordshire

The Furniture Trades Provident and Benevolent Association (later renamed the Furnishing Trades Benevolent Association) was formed in 1903. One of its first actions was to establish a home to 'maintain and educate the orphan and necessitous children' of its members. The home, at Cobden Hill, Radlett, Hertfordshire, comprised two pairs of semi-detached houses and could accommodate a total of around 80 children. The establishment was formally opened on July 22nd, 1905, by the Association's President, Mr S.J. Waring.

Furniture Trades' Orphan Homes, Radlett, c.1905.

In 1921, the home relocated to Highgate in north London.

The Radlett premises are now in private residential use.

Former Furniture Trades Orphan Homes, Radlett.


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