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Cardross Home for Training Neglected Girls, Brighton, Sussex

The Cardross Home for Training Neglected Girls was established in 1877 'to train girls in circumstances of difficulty or danger for domestic servants.' The Home was named after the charity's president, Lady Cardross.

The Home occupied premises at 15 and 17 Warleigh Road, Ditchling Road, Brighton, where up 27 girls could be accommodated. The age of admission was normally from 8 to 12 years, with a medical certificate of good health being required. Prison and penitentiary cases were not accepted, nor girls with a confirmed habit of pilfering or thieving. A girl's parents or guardians had to consent to her remaining in the Home or under the control of the management Committee for two years, or until she was 15 years of age. A payment of £15 a year was requested for each girl, although a few were received free.

15-17 Warleigh Road, Brighton.

The Home is thought to have closed in the early 1900s.


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