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Children's Homes and Institutions in Virginia, USA

(With foundation date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • Children's Home, 406 Duke Street, Alexandria
    (1902; Allison Woman's Christian Temperance Union; Helpless and destitute children from 4 to 12; 14M+F)
  • Bethany Home Orphanage, South Richmond R. D. 3, Bon Air
    (1894; Private corporation; Orphan children from 2 to 8; 30M/17F)
  • Bethany Home, Boydton
    (1903; Colored Orphan Relief Society; Colored orphan children)
  • Danville Orphanage, 1015 North Main Street, Danville
    (1896; Private corporation; Homeless children; 14M/20F)
  • Assembly's Home and School, Prince Edward and Charlotte Streets, Fredericksburg
    (1893; Presbyterian Church in the United States; Ministers' orphans and missionaries' children; 29M/20F)
  • Female Charity School, Twelfth and Main Streets, Fredericksburg
    (1802; Private corporation (Episcopal); Orphan and dependent children; 8F)
  • Weaver Orphan Home, Fredericksburg
    (1904; Tidewater Orphan Association; Orphan, dependent, and neglected children; 11M/24F)
  • Lynchburg Female Orphan Asylum, Hampton
    (1902; Private corporation; Orphan girls from 3 to 8; 78F)
  • Presbyterian Orphans' Home, R. D. 4, Lynchburg
    (1902; Presbyterian Church in the United States; Orphan children; 20M/12F)
  • Odd Fellows' Home, Lynchburg
    (1849; Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Virginia; Odd Fellows' orphan children; 62M/52F)
  • Jackson Orphan Asylum, 112 Charlotte Street, Norfolk
    (1856; Private corporation (Episcopal); Orphan and destitute girls)
  • Bonney Home for Girls, 13 Boissevain Avenue, Norfolk
    (1910; Private corporation; Indigent girls over 5)
  • St Mary's Orphan Asylum, 172 Chapel Street, Norfolk
    (1834; Sisters of Charity; Orphan girls from 3 to 13; 55F)
  • Holt Street Orphan Asylum, 203 Holt Street, Norfolk
    (1904; Female Orphan Society of Norfolk; Orphan and homeless girls; 32F)
  • Turney Home for Boys, 268 Bank Street, Norfolk
    (1886; Private corporation; Homeless boys)
  • Day Nursery and Children's Home, 511 Chapel Street, Norfolk
    (1909; Private organization; Orphan and dependent children; 9M/8F)
  • Petersburg Female Orphan Asylum, 237 South Sycamore Street, Petersburg
    (1848; Methodist Episcopal Church, South; Orphan girls from 3 to 13; 13F)
  • Portsmouth Orphan Asylum, 603 North Street, Portsmouth
    (1856; Private corporation; Destitute orphan children; 5M/14F)
  • Virginia Home for Infants, 100 West Clay Street, Richmond
    (1908; Private corporation; Indigent and abandoned infants and boarders; 7M/8F)
  • Friends' Orphan Asylum, 112 West Charity Street, Richmond
    (1872; Private corporation; Orphan and abandoned children; 8M/9F)
  • Foundling Hospital, 425 North Thirty-second Street, Richmond
    (1894; Private corporation; Foundlings; 6M/3F)
  • St Paul's Church Home, 606 East Leigh Street, Richmond
    (1859; St Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church; Dependent and neglected girls; 20F)
  • Female Orphans' Home, 703 East Leigh Street, Richmond
    (1805; Private corporation; Neglected and dependent girls from 3 to 12; 57F)
  • Holy Innocent Foundling Asylum, 709 North First Street, Richmond
    (1895; St Joseph's Society for Colored Missions; Abandoned colored infants)
  • Richmond Male Orphan Asylum, Amelia Street, Richmond
    (1844; Private corporation; Orphan and dependent boys; 45M)
  • St Joseph's Orphan Asylum, Fourth and Marshall Streets, Richmond
    (1834; Sisters of Charity; Indigent and neglected girls; 60F)
  • Methodist Orphanage, Station A, Richmond
    (1900; Methodist Episcopal Church, South; Orphan and destitute children; 54M/61F)
  • Masonic Home, Richmond
    (1890; Masonic Grand Lodge of Virginia; Masons' dependent orphan children; 34M/29F)
  • Ebenezer Home, Ninth Avenue and Seventh Street, Roanoke
    (1910; Private organization; Orphan and needy children; 12M/10F)
  • St Vincent's Male Orphanage, Roanoke
    (1893; Sisters of Charity of Nazareth; Orphan boys from 4 to 12; 28M)
  • Lutheran Orphan Home, Salem
    (1888; United Synod in the South; Orphan and needy children from 5 to 12; 37M)
  • Baptist Orphanage of Virginia, Salem
    (1892; Private corporation (Baptist); Orphan children; 80M)