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Children's Homes and Institutions in North Carolina, USA

(With foundation date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • Eliada Orphanage, R.D. 3, Asheville
    (1906; Private corporation; Homeless and neglected children; 10M/13F)
  • Children's Home, Woolsey, Asheville
    (1891; County of Buncombe; Orphan and indigent children)
  • Mountain Orphanage, Balfour
    (1903; Presbyterian Church in the United States; Homeless and destitute children; 26M/28F)
  • Presbyterian Orphans' Home, Barium Springs
    (1888; Presbyterian Church in the United States; Orphan children; 80M/100F)
  • Sacred Heart Orphanage, Belmont
    (1894; Sisters of Mercy; Orphan girls; 25F)
  • Alexander Home, 303 South McDowell Street, Charlotte
    (1895; Presbyterian Church of Charlotte; Needy children; 7M/11F)
  • Thompson Orphanage, East Avenue, Charlotte
    (1887; Private corporation (Episcopal); Orphan, defective, and homeless children; 28M/31F)
  • St Michael's Training and Industrial School, Mint and West Hill Streets, Charlotte
    (1884; Private organization (Episcopal); Neglected children; 38M/42F)
  • Nazareth Orphans' Home, Crescent
    (1906; Reformed Church in the United States; Orphan and destitute children; 10M/12F)
  • Christian Orphanage, Elon College
    (1907; Southern Christian Convention; Orphan and destitute children; 20M/25F)
  • Elhanan Orphanage, Elhanan P.O., Marion
    (1898; Private organization; Foundlings, and orphan and destitute children; 24M/36F)
  • Catholic Orphanage, Nazareth
    (1899; Sisters of Mercy; Orphan boys; 55M)
  • Oxford Orphan Asylum, Oxford
    (1872; Masonic Grand Lodge of North Carolina; Destitute, dependent, and homeless children; 47M/167F)
  • Colored Orphan Asylum, Oxford
    (1882; Private corporation; Orphan children; 86M/115F)
  • Methodist Orphanage, Raleigh
    (1900; Methodist Episcopal Church, South; Homeless and dependent orphan children; 61M/79F)
  • Thomasville Baptist Orphanage, Thomasville
    (1885; Baptist churches; Indigent orphan children; 190M/196F)
  • Colored Orphan Home, 502 East Fourth Street, Winston-Salem
    (1903; Private organization; Normal orphan children; 12M/24F)