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Children's Homes and Institutions in Department of Lot-et-Garonne, France

(With foundation or opening date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • Maison des Orphelines, Agen
    (By 1896; SMS; 12F)
  • Orphelinat de la Miséricorde, Agen
    (1833; SVP; 22F; from 7-11 years)
  • Orphelinat de la Miséricorde de Casteljaloux, Casteljaloux
    (1846; SVP; 20F; from 4-18 years)
  • Colonie Agricole d'Eysse, Eysse
    (1956; xM)
  • Orphelinat de Lacépède, Lacépède
    (1865; SFN; 45M; from 3-7 years)
  • Orphelinat de la Miséricorde, Marmande
    (By 1896; SMS; 12F; from 5-20 years)
  • Orphelinat de l'Hospice de Marmande, Marmande
    (1866; SVP; 26F; from 4 years)
  • Orphelinat-ouvroir de l'Hospice de Mézin, Mézin
    (1869; SVP; 4F)
  • Orphelinat de l'Hospice de Nérac, Nérac
    (1832; SCI; 22F)
  • Orphelinat Protestantde Nérac, Nérac
    (1847; 24F; at 2½ years)
  • Institut de Charité, Tonneins
    (1849; 22M; from 2-7 years)
  • Catéchuménat pour les Jeunes Protestants Disséminés, Tonneins
    (By 1896; xM; from 10-13 years)
  • Orphelinat de l'Hospice de Tonneins, Tonneins
    (1848; SVP; 20F)
  • Orphelinat de Villeneuve, Villeneuve
    (1845; SDP; 30F)