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Children's Homes and Institutions in Pennsylvania, USA

(With foundation date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • Children's Home, Children's Aid Society of Franklin County, Chambersburg
    (1884; Children's Aid Society of Franklin County; Homeless, indigent, and neglected children; 6M/4F)
  • Industrial Home for Jewish Girls, Jenkintown Road and Chelten Avenue, Cheltenham
    (1904; Council of Jewish Women; Dependent girls; 17F)
  • Soldiers' Orphan School, Chester Springs
    (1864; State of Pennsylvania; Soldiers' orphan children; 193M/131F)
  • Holy Providence House, Maud P.O., Cornwells
    (1891; Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament; Indigent and neglected children; 47M/104F)
  • Easton Home for Friendless Children, 1440 Washington Street, Easton
    (1885; Private corporation; Orphan children from 2 to 10; 15M/14F)
  • St John Orphan Asylum, Eddington
    (1885; Christian Brothers; Orphan boys; 232M)
  • Orphan Asylum of the Holy Family, Emsworth
    (1900; Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth.; Orphan children over 18 months old; 117M/103F)
  • St Joseph's Orphan Asylum, Third Street, Erie
    (1865; Sisters of St Joseph; Destitute and indigent children; 131M/142F)
  • St Paul's Orphans' Home, Greenville
    (1867; Reformed Church in the United States; Normal orphan children; 48M/38F)
  • George Junior Republic, R.D., Grove City
    (1909; George Junior Republic Association of Western Pennsylvania.; Delinquent and wayward children; 26M/5F)
  • Messiah Orphanage, 1185 Bailey Street, Harrisburg
    (1900; Brethren in Christ; Orphan and destitute children; 1M/47F)
  • Sylvan Heights Home for Orphan Girls, Derry Street, Harrisburg
    (1902; Sisters of Mercy; Orphan and indigent girls; 82F)
  • Children's Industrial Home, Nineteenth and Swatara Streets, Harrisburg
    (1876; Private corporation; Orphan and homeless children; 48M/27F)
  • Church Home and Orphanage, Jonestown
    (1878; Private corporation (Episcopal).; Orphan and homeless children; 14M/17F)
  • Children's Home, South Ann and Chester Streets, Lancaster
    (1860; Private corporation; Orphan and neglected children from 3 to 12; 52M/23F)
  • Foulke and Long Institute for Orphan Girls, Eden P.O., Langhorne
    (1886; Private corporation; Orphan girls; 40F)
  • Tressler Orphans' Home, Loysville
    (1868; General Synod of the Lutheran Church; Destitute orphan children; 120M/85F)
  • St John's Lutheran Orphanage, Mars
    (1893; Joint Synod of Ohio and Other States; Orphan and deserted children; 17M/11F)
  • Lutheran Concordia Home, Marwood
    (1883; Synodical Conference; Orphan and destitute children; 50M/46F)
  • Seyhert Institution, 419 South Fifteenth St., Philadelphia (office), Meadowbrook
    (1883; Private organization; Dependent children; 68M/19F)
  • Odd Fellows' Home, 408 North Main Street, Meadville
    (1872; Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Pennsylvania.; Odd Fellows' orphan children from 3 to 12; 33M/42F)
  • Emaus Orphan House, Middletwoen
    (1806; Private corporation; Orphan children from 6 to 12; 16M/16F)
  • Seraphic Home, New Derry
    (1910; Seraphic Work of Charity; Indigent and destitute boys; 24M)
  • Elmwood Home, North Springfield
    (1909; Private corporation; Incorrigible boys under 16; 18M)
  • Boys' Industrial Home, Oakdale
    (1900; Private corporation; Homeless and neglected boys from 8 to 16; 144M)
  • Howard Institution, 1612 Poplar Street, Philadelphia
    (1853; Association of Women Friends; Homeless girls from 10 to 18; 34F)
  • Catholic Home for Destitute Children, 1720 Race Street, Philadelphia
    (1863; Sisters of St Joseph; Orphan and destitute girls; 194F)
  • St John's Orphanage, 1722 Rittenhouse Street, Philadelphia
    (1882; Trustees of J. Edgar Thomson Endowment; Railway employees' orphan girls; 18F)
  • Lincoln Institution and Educational Home, 324 South Eleventh Street, Philadelphia
    (1866; Protestant Episcopal Church; Orphan boys from 5 to 9; 30M)
  • Friends' Home for Children, 4011 Aspen Street, Philadelphia
    (1881; Private corporation; Orphan and homeless children; 17M/9F)
  • Young Women's Union, Nursery and Home, 422 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia
    (1885; Federation of Jewish Charities; Orphan and working mothers' children; 56M+F)
  • Home of the Merciful Savior for Crippled Children, 4400 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia
    (1881; Private corporation; Homeless crippled children)
  • Philadelphia Home for Infants, 4618 Westminster Avenue, Philadelphia
    (1873; Private corporation; Orphan children under 4, and boarders; 32M/22F)
  • House of St Michael and All Angels, 613 North Forty-third Street, Philadelphia
    (1886; Private organization; Crippled children; 5M/23F)
  • House of the Holy Child, 625 North Forty-third Street, Philadelphia
    (1896; Private corporation; Homeless children; 7M/25F)
  • Jewish Foster Home and Orphan Asylum, 700 Church Lane (Germantown), Philadelphia
    (1855; Federation of Jewish Cherities; Orphan and neglected Jewish children; 112M/77F)
  • St Joseph's Orphan Asylum, 700 Spruce Street, Philadelphia
    (1798; Sisters of Charity; Orphan girls from 4 to 7; 150F)
  • St Martin's College, 713 Catherine Street, Philadelphia
    (1905; Church of the Evangelists; Destitute boys from 8 to 14; 35M)
  • St Joseph's House, 727 Pine Street, Philadelphia
    (1890; Catholic Diocese of Philadelphia; Homeless and destitute boys; 170M)
  • St Mary Magdalen de Pazzi's Orphanage, 730 Montrose Street, Philadelphia
    (1764; Missionary Sisters of St Francis; Italian orphan girls; 24F)
  • Haddock Memorial, 806 Pine Street, Philadelphia
    (1900; Trustees of Mrs. Daniel Haddock Endowment; Orphan children under 3; 3M/10F)
  • Hebrew Sheltering Home and Day Nursery, 810 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia
    (1902; Private corporation; Destitute and homeless children; 25M/26F)
  • St Joseph's Female Orphan Asylum and Gonzaga Memorial., 862 Church Lane (Germantown), Philadelphia
    (By 1910; Sisters of Charity; Orphan girls)
  • Church Home for Children, Baltimore Avenue and Fifty-eighth Street, Philadelphia
    (1857; Private corporation (Episcopal).; Orphan and destitute girls; 87F)
  • Southern Home for Destitute Children, Broad and Morris Streets, Philadelphia
    (1849; Private corporation; Destitute children; 33M/38F)
  • Baptist Orphanage, Fifty-eighth Street and Thomas Avenue, Philadelphia
    (1879; Private corporation (Baptist); Orphan and homeless children; 57M/50F)
  • Presbyterian Orphanage, Fifty-eighthSt and Chester Avenue, Philadelphia
    (1878; Private corporation (Presbyterian); Orphan children; 45M/80F)
  • Home for Destitute Colored Children, Fifty-fourth and Berks Streets, Philadelphia
    (1856; Private corporation; Destitute children; 36M)
  • Western Home for Poor Children, Forty-first and Baring Streets, Philadelphia
    (1850; Private corporation; Orphan and homeless children; 39M/21F)
  • Shelter for Colored Orphans, Forty-fourth and Wallace Streets, Philadelphia
    (1822; Society of Friends; Orphan and homeless girls from 2 to 7; 53F)
  • Girard College, Girard and Corinthian Avenues, Philadelphia
    (1848; Private organization; Indigent orphan boys from 6 to 10; 1455M)
  • Widener Memorial Industrial Training School, North Broad Street and Olney Avenue, Philadelphia
    (1906; Private individual; Crippled children; 58M/36F)
  • Burd Orphan Asylum, Sixty-third and Market Streets, Philadelphia
    (1863; St Stephen's Church (Episcopal); Orphan girls from 4 to 8; 56F)
  • St Vincent's Orphan Asylum, Tacony Station, Philadelphia
    (1856; School Sisters of Notre Dame; Catholic orphan children; 144M/136F)
  • Hebrew Orphans' Home, Twelfth and Greene Lane Streets (Logan Station), Philadelphia
    (1897; Private corporation; Orphan children from 6 to 10; 94M/33F)
  • Home for Orphans of Odd Fellows of Pennsylvania, Twentieth and Ontario Streets, Philadelphia
    (1883; Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Pennsylvania; Odd Fellows' orphan children; 32M/37F)
  • St Vincent's Home, Twentieth and Race Streets, Philadelphia
    (1858; Sisters of Charity; Destitute infants and foundlings; 190M/292F)
  • Foster Home, Twenty-fourth and Poplar Streets, Philadelphia
    (1839; Private corporation; Orphan children; 44M/44F)
  • Northern Home for Friendless Children, Twenty-third and Brown Streets, Philadelphia
    (1853; Private corporation; Orphan, homeless, and neglected children; 100M/68F)
  • Bethesda Children's Christian Home, Willow-Grove and Stenton Avenues, Philadelphia
    (1859; Private corporation; Destitute children)
  • Methodist Episcopal Orphanage, Philadelphia
    (1879; Private corporation (Methodist Episcopal); Destitute orphan children from 4 to 10; 54M/80F)
  • Industrial Home for Crippled Children, 1426 Hermiston Avenue, Pitsburgh
    (1902; Private corporation; Crippled children from 3 to 12; 19M/25F)
  • Children's Temporary Home, 2044 Centre Avenue, Pitsburgh
    (1874; Pittsburgh Association for Improvement of the Poor; Destitute and neglected children; 27M/19F)
  • Pittsburgh Home for Babies, 2503 Centre Avenue, Pitsburgh
    (1904; Private corporation; Orphan and neglected babies under 1; 21M/15F)
  • Coleman Industrial Home for Colored Boys, 2816 Wylie Avenue, Pitsburgh
    (1909; Private corporation; Delinquent and dependent boys, and boarders; 26M)
  • Day Nursery and Temporary Home for Children, 3035 Perrysville Avenue, Pitsburgh
    (1886; Private corporation; Working mothers' children; 33M/10F)
  • Protestant Home for Boys, 330 North Avenue, North Side, Pitsburgh
    (1886; Private corporation; Working boys from 14 to 21; 25M)
  • Pittsburgh Home for Girls, 3456 Bouquot Street, Pitsburgh
    (1901; Private corporation; Delinquent and dependent girls; 39F)
  • Sunshine Home, 3532 California Avenue, Pitsburgh
    (1906; Private corporation; Children of working mothers; 41M+F)
  • Home for the Friendless, 423 East Park Way, Pitsburgh
    (1861; Private corporation; Neglected and deserted children; 56M/58F)
  • St Michael's German Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, 55 Pius Street, Pitsburgh
    (1873; Sisters of St Francis; Orphan and needy children of St Michael's Congregation; 13M/19F)
  • St Joseph's Protectory for Homeless Boys, 552 Vine Street, Pitsburgh
    (1895; Diocese of Pittsburgh (Roman Catholic); Homeless and dependent boys from 12 to 20; 64M)
  • St Paul's Orphan Asylum, Crafton Station (Idlewood), Pitsburgh
    (1840; Sisters of Mercy; Homeless and neglected children; 599M/509F)
  • Christ Church Home for Babies, Harker Street, West End, Pitsburgh
    (1909; Young Woman's Guild of Christ M. E. Church; Indigent and neglected children under 3; 25M+F)
  • United Presbyterian Orphans' Home, Monterey Street, Pitsburgh
    (1878; United Presbyterian Women's Association; Orphan children.; 25M/23F)
  • German Protestant Orphan Asylum, Pauline Street, Pitsburgh
    (1887; Private corporation ( German Evangelical Protestant); Orphan homeless and neglected children; 15M/25F)
  • Protestant Orphan Asylum, Perrysville Avenue, Pitsburgh
    (1833; Private corporation; Protestant orphan children; 88M/87F)
  • St Peter's Orphans' Home, Robinson Road, Pitsburgh
    (1896; St Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church; Orphan children; 13M/8F)
  • Pittsburgh News Boys' Home, Stevenson and Locust Streets, Pitsburgh
    (1884; Private corporation; Newsboys, waifs, and homeless boys; 158M)
  • Home for Colored Children, Termon Avenue, Pitsburgh
    (1880; Woman's Christian Association; Orphan and destitute children; 36M/23F)
  • St Joseph's Orphan Asylum, Troy Hill Road (Ewalt Station), Pitsburgh
    (1849; Sisters of Notre Dame; Orphan and destitute children; 144M/136F)
  • Children's Home of Pottsville, Pottsville
    (1872; Pottsville Benevolent Association; Destitute, neglected, and homeless children; 16M/7F)
  • Quincy United Brethren Orphanage, Quincy
    (1903; United Brethren in Christ..; Orphan children; 47M/25F)
  • Home and Hospital of the Good Shepherd, Garrett Hill P. O., Radnor
    (1874; Church of the Good Shepherd (Episcopal); Convalescent or healthy homeless children; 18M/18F)
  • Home for Friendless Children, 1016 Centre Avenue, Reading
    (1884; Private corporation; Orphan, destitute and neglected children; 41M/30F)
  • St Catherine's Female Orphan Asylum, 1026 Franklin Street, Reading
    (1872; Sisters of Charity; Indigent girls; 80F)
  • William T. Carter Junior Republic, Redington
    (1898; Private organization; Homeless incorrigible boys.; 25M)
  • Soldiers' Orphans' Industrial School., Scotland
    (1905; State of Pennsylvania; Soldiers' destitute orphan children; 224M/152F)
  • St Patrick's Orphanage, 1425 Jackson Street, Scranton
    (1875; Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; Orphan and destitute children; 85M/65F)
  • Children's Home of South Bethlehem, South Bethlehem
    (1882; Private corporation; Destitute children from 2 to 14; 22M/18F)
  • Odd Fellows' Orphans' Home, R. D. 2, Sunbury
    (1896; Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Pennsylvania; Odd Fellows' orphan children; 69M/49F)
  • Lutheran Orphans' Home., Topton
    (1897; General Council of the Lutheran Church; Orphan and destitute children; 62M/43F)
  • St Joseph's Orphanage, R.D. 2 (via Lowellville, Ohio), Villa Maria
    (1864; Sisters of the Holy Humility of Mary; Orphan girls; 39F)
  • Philadelphia Orphan Society, Wallingford
    (1814; Private corporation; Orphan children from 2 to 9; 36M/50F)
  • Christ's Home for Children, 983 North Fifth Street, Philadelphia (office), Warminster
    (1903; Band of Workers; Homeless and destitute children; 48M/49F)
  • Children's Home, R. D. 10, Washington Court House
    (1883; County of Washington; Indigent, dependent, and neglected children; 44M/32F)
  • Greene County Children's Home, Waynesburg
    (1884; County of Greene; Neglecen.ted and homeless children; 39M+F)
  • Home for Friendless Children, 335 South Franklin Street, Wilkes-Barre
    (1862; Private corporation; Orphan and indigent children; 22M/18F)
  • Industrial Training Home, Williamsburg
    (1901; County of Blair; Homeless and needy children; 18M/11F)
  • Girls' Training School, 131 East Third Street, Williamsport
    (1895; Private corporation; Orphan, homeless, and neglected girls; 28F)
  • Boys' Industrial Home, 617 East Third Street, Williamsport
    (1898; Private corporation; Orphan, wayward, and homeless boys; 40M)
  • Goldy Home, 819 Meade Street, Williamsport
    (1908; Private corporation; Homeless children; 3M/4F)
  • Bethany Orphans' Home, Womelsdorf
    (1863; Reformed Church in the United States; Orphan, friendless, and destitute children; 98M/72F)
  • Children's Home, East Philadelphia Street, York
    (1865; Private corporation; Orphan, homeless, and indigent children under 12; 19M/17F)
  • Orphans' Home and Farm School, Zelienople
    (1854; Institution of Protestant Deaconesses; Destitute orphan children; 55M/50F)