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Children's Homes and Institutions in Illinois, USA

(With foundation date, operator, number of Male/Female places, age for admission, and type of children received, where known.)

  • German Lutheran Orphan Asylum, Addison
    (1873; Private corporation (Lutheran); Orphan children; 15M/8F)
  • Roman Catholic Orphanage, 417 Prospect Street, Alton
    (1883; Sisters of the Precious Blood; Catholic orphan children from 2 to 12; 67M/43F)
  • Swedish Lutheran Orphans' Home, Lynn Center P.O., Andover
    (1867; Augustana Synod; Scandinavian orphan children; 26M/17F)
  • St John's Catholic Orphanage, Belleville
    (1879; Sisters, Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ; Orphan and dependent children; 108M/86F)
  • Girls' Industrial Home, State and Taylor Streets, Bloomington
    (1889; Private corporation; Dependent girls; 28F)
  • Cairo Children's Home, 320 Twenty-fifth Street, Cairo
    (1902; Private corporation; Dependent and delinquent children; 23M/31F)
  • Bethel Holiness Orphanage, 736 West Main, Carlinville
    (1906; Holiness Christian Church; Orphan and dependent children from 2 to 12; 11M/16F)
  • Marks Nathan Jewish Orphan Home, 1243 North Wood Street, Chicago
    (1905; Private corporation; Jewish orphans from 5 to 11; 105M/58F)
  • Lutheran Children's Home, 1352 Rockwell Street, Chicago
    (1908; German Missouri Synod; Dependent children for temporary care)
  • Chicago Homes for Boys, 1506 West Adams Street, Chicago
    (1899; Protestant Episcopal Church; Homeless boys; 102M)
  • Chicago Nursery and Half Orphan Asylum, 1932 Burling Street, Chicago
    (1861; Private corporation; Orphans and working women's children; 70M/54F)
  • Angel Guardian Orphan Asylum, 2001 Devon Avenue, Chicago
    (1866; Private corporation; Orphan children; 574M+F)
  • Ghlich Lutheran Orphan Asylum, 2014 Burling Street, Chicago
    (1867; St Paul's Lutheran Church; German Lutheran orphan children; 42M/42F)
  • St Mary's Home for Children, 2822 Jackson Boulevard, Chicago
    (1895; Sisters of St Mary (Episcopal); Dependent children; 14M/105F)
  • St Joseph's Providence Orphan Asylum, 3018 North Fortieth Avenue, Chicago
    (1889; Sisters of St Joseph; Orphan and destitute boys; 65M)
  • Danish Orphans' Home, 3320 Evergreen Avenue, Chicago
    (1883; Danish Lutheran Church in America; Danish orphan children from 1 to 14; 14M/10F)
  • Chicago Orphan Asylum, 5120 South Park Avenue, Chicago
    (1849; Private corporation; Orphan children; 104M/96F)
  • Home for Jewish Friendless Children, 5228 Ellis Avenue (Hyde Park), Chicago
    (1901; Associated Jewish Charities; Homeless Jewish Children; 65M/72F)
  • Louise Juvenile Home for Dependent Children, 6124 Ada Street (Englewood), Chicago
    (1907; Private organization; Dependent children; 17M/37F)
  • Jewish Orphan Home, 6208 Drexel Avenue, Chicago
    (1893; Associated Jewish Charities; Orphan children; 94M/74F)
  • St Vincent's Infant Asylum, 721 La Salle Ave, Chicago
    (1872; Sisters of Charity; Foundlings and destitute children under 7; 178M/72F)
  • Juvenile Detention Home, 771 Ewing Street, Chicago
    (1906; County of Cook; Dependent, truant, and delinquent children; 2636M/873F)
  • Vermilion County Children's Home, Logan Avenue and Williams Street, Danville
    (1894; Private corporation; Homeless, neglected, and delinquent children; 10M/9F)
  • Dover Deaconess Home, Dover
    (1902; Congregational Church; Dependent orphan children; 2M/8F)
  • Receiving Home, Duquoin
    (1908; Illinois Children's Home and Aid Society; Dependent children; 18M/8F)
  • Norwegian Lutheran Children's Home, Norwood Park P.O., R.D. 1, Edison Park
    (1899; Norwegian Lutheran Children's Home Society; Norwegian orphan and deserted children; 48M/37F)
  • Larkin Home for Children, 320 South State Street, Elgin
    (1889; Private corporation; Destitute and dependent children from 3 to 16; 22M+F)
  • Receiving Home, 826 Ridge Avenue, Evanston
    (1907; Illinois Children's Home and Aid Society; Dependent children; 25M/11F)
  • Salem Orphanage, Flanagan
    (1896; Defenseless Mennonite Church; Orphan and destitute children; 43M/33F)
  • St Vincent's Orphan Home, 7 Jefferson Street, Freeport
    (1896; Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart; Foundlings and orphan children under 12; 36M/28F)
  • Glenwood Manual Training School, Glenwood
    (1887; Private corporation; Normal, dependent boys; 343M)
  • Winnebago Farm School, Shirland P.O., Harrison
    (1907; Private corporation; Delinquent and dependent boys; 15M)
  • Amanda Smith Orphan Home, 305 One hundred forty-seventh Street, Harvey
    (1893; Private corporation; Orphan and homeless children; 2M/8F)
  • Hoyleton Orphan Home, Hoyleton
    (1895; German Evangelical Synod of North America; Orphan and homeless children; 53M/45F)
  • Hudelson Baptist Orphanage, Irvington
    (1903; Private corporation (Baptist); Needy children between 2 and 15; 15M/15F)
  • Guardian Angel Home, 117 Buell Avenue, Joliet
    (1897; Sisters of St Francis; Orphan and homeless children; 69M/94F)
  • Lutheran Orphanage, Rowell Avenue, Joliet
    (1891; Augustana Synod; Swedish Lutheran orphans; 64M/41F)
  • Illinois Masonic Orphans' Home, Masonic Grand Lodge of Illinois, La Grange
    (1885; Masons' orphan children; Masons' orphan children; 36M/31F)
  • Methodist Deaconess Orphanage, Scranton Avenue, Lake Bluff
    (1894; Methodist Episcopal Church; Foundlings and orphan and homeless children; 83M/59F)
  • Allendale Farm, Lake Villa
    (1897; Allendale Association; Dependent, friendless, and neglected boys; 62M)
  • Odd Fellows' Orphans' Home of Illinois, Wyatt Avenue, Lincoln
    (1893; Independent Order of Odd Fellows; Mentally sound orphan children of Odd Fellows; 88M/70F)
  • St Joseph's Bohemian Orphanage, 1641 Allport Street, Chicago (office), Lisle
    (1898; Bohemian Catholic churches; Orphan and dependent children from 3 to 14; 15M/13F)
  • Central Baptist Orphanage, 504 First Avenue, Maywood
    (1895; Private corporation (Baptist); Dependent children; 52M/55F)
  • Home for Disabled Children, 902 South Eighth Avenue, Maywood
    (1908; National Children's Home Society; Crippled, deformed, and disabled children; 2M/4F)
  • St Mary's Orphanage, Metamora
    (1888; Sisters of St Francis; Orphan children; 41M/14F)
  • Bacon Home for Missionaries' Children, Morgan Park
    (1893; American Baptist Foreign Mission Society; Missionaries' children from 7 to 18; 8M/9F)
  • Mount Carmel Faith Home, R.D. 5, Morrison
    (1900; Private corporation; Orphan and homeless children under 18; 10M/16F)
  • Nachusa Lutheran Orphanage, Nachusa
    (1904; General Synod of the Lutheran Church; Orphan children; 10M/12F)
  • Illinois Soldiers' Orphans' Home, Beech and Lincoln Streets, Normal
    (1869; State of Illinois; Soldiers' and sailors' orphans and other dependent children; 188M/126F)
  • Mason Deaconess Home and Baby Fold, Normal
    (1905; Methodist Episcopal Church; Orphan children under 3; 11M/7F)
  • Bethel Home, Onarga
    (1875; Western Seamen's Friend Society; Defective children; 9M/6F)
  • Edgar County Children's Home, R.D. 1, Paris
    (1898; Private corporation; Dependent children; 29M/15F)
  • Lutheran Orphans' Home, 227 Malone Avenue, Peoria
    (1902; Lutheran Children's Friend Society; Dependent and neglected children; 60M+F)
  • Home for the Friendless, Knoxville Avenue, Peoria
    (1875; Woman's Christian Home Mission; Orphan and deserted children; 48M/18F)
  • Woodland Home for Orphans and Friendless, 2707 Maine Street, Quincy
    (1850; Private corporation; Orphan children under 12; 37M+F)
  • St Aloysius' Orphans' Home, Twentieth and Vine Streets, Quincy
    (1853; Private corporation; Orphan children; 12M/15F)
  • Bethany Home, Thirty-sixth Street and Fifth Avenue, Rock Island
    (1899; Bethany Protective Association; Dependent and neglected children; 27M/14F)
  • Boys' Club Association of Rockford, 204 South Madison Street, Rockford
    (1907; Private corporation; Street boys; 387M)
  • Children's Home of Rockford, 306 Sixth Street, Rockford
    (1906; Private corporation; Dependent children; 11M/7F)
  • Springfield Home for the Friendless, 1300 South Seventh Street, Springfield
    (1863; Private corporation; Orphan, dependent, and delinquent children; 56M/20F)
  • Orphanage of the Holy Child, 220 East Adams Street, Springfield
    (1881; Protestant Episcopal Church; Orphan girls; 18F)
  • Cunningham Children's Home, Cunningham Avenue, Urbana
    (1895; Woman's Home Missionary Society, M. E. Church; Orphan girls, and boys under 8; 20M/30F)
  • Receiving Home, Whitehall
    (1902; Whitehall Orphans' Home Society; Homeless and dependent children; 4M/5F)
  • Chicago Industrial Home for Children, Woodstock
    (1889; Free Methodist Church; Orphan, dependent, and homeless children; 14M/9F)