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Milton House Home, Chelsea, London

In around 1871, the London Female Preventive and Reformatory Institution (LFPRI) established a home for penitent 'fallen' young women at Milton House Home, 1 Maude Grove (now 2 Fernshaw Road), Chelsea. It could accommodate 30 inmates, aged from 15 to 25.

Milton House Home, Chelsea, c.1905. © Peter Higginbotham

The matron first appointed to superintend the home, Mrs Caroline Lemark, held the post for twenty-seven years until her death on August 19th, 1898.

In 1890, a large hall at the back of the home, formerly used as a chapel and Sunday school, was acquired by the Institution which it was planned to use for the industrial training of the inmates.

The Milton House premises still stand, now in private residential use.

After the Second World War, LFPRI changed its name to the London Haven for Women and Girls. The organisation was wound up in 1976, with its remaining assets being passed to the Rainer Foundation which later became part of Catch22.


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