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Bunbury House, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

Bunbury House, a purpose-built home for teenagers, at 1 Alnwick Drive, Ellesmere Port, was opened by the Cheshire County Council on 14th July 1976. The Officer in Charge was John R. Hudson.

The home was intended as a mixed-sex replacement for the two hostels which Cheshire County Council had lost through the 1974 local authority re-organisation. It had been sited in Ellesmere Port on the assumption that there would be plenty of jobs available locally. However, this belief turned out to be flawed because the major employers such as Shell and Vauxhall did not take anyone on until the age of 18, because of employment restrictions.

The home had two wings housing six boys and six girls in double rooms, each with a privacy partition. Unusually for the time, a guest room was provided, together with 5.5 FTE staff 2.5 FTE domestic staff.

At the outset, the home was run on shared responsibility principles with open recording and young people and their families invited to the whole of their review procedure.

In more recent times, Bunbury House has been used as a bail hostel.

Bunbury House, Ellesmere Port.


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  • Thanks to John Hudson for information on this home.