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Ardwyn, Dinas Powis, Glamorgan, Wales

In 1959, the National Children's Home (NCH) opened a general branch at Ardwyn on Pen-y-Turnpike Road, Dinas Powis (or Dinas Powys), Glamorgan. The property was donated to the charity by Mrs L.N. Liley of Dinas Powis. The home originally housed sixteen children of all ages up to sixteen years although the number was gradually reduced over the years, with ten places provided in 1990.

Ardwyn, Dinas Powis, 2013. © Peter Higginbotham

From 1967 to 1990, the home was managed by Sister Eluned Williams — one of the last ever Methodist-ordained 'Sister of the Children'. She laid great emphasis on the home being integrated into the local community and Ardwyn children attended local schools, joined youth clubs, and took part in sports such as swimming, riding and diving lessons. One girl from the home even reached the Welsh national gymnastics team. Children could invite friends back for tea and pay return visits to their houses. The children were able to have pets such guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters an canaries. The were also communal animals such a dogs and a baby goat.

It wasn't all plain sailing for Sister Eluned, however. There was always somewhat of a local stigma against Ardwyn children and once even an arson attack on the home. New arrivals at the home from London complained bitterly at how dull they found Dinas Powis. There were also occasional problems such teenage girls from Ardwyn trying to get into nightclubs.

In 2013, the property was standing vacant, with proposals being debated for the building of housing in its grounds.


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  • Action For Children (formerly the National Children's Home). Can provide access to their own records for individuals who were adopted through the charity or who resided in one of its homes. Help also for those searching for family history information.


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