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St Mary Magdalene Children's and Industrial Home, Folkestone, Kent

The St Mary Magdalene's Children's and Industrial Home was founded by a Mrs Dobson in 1879 and had premises at 23-27 East Cliff, Folkestone. The Home was connected with the St Mary Magdalene Home for Penitents at Paddington, for the benefit of which it was originally founded. The object of the Folkestone Home was 'to receive children between the ages of 2 and 13, who from divers reasons are not eligible for ordinary orphanages.' A total of 50 places was available.

Admission to the Home required a payment of £12 a year, together with a medical certificate as to freedom from fits and from infectious disease. Those placing children were expected to guarantee the quarterly payments, to undertake to remove the child when required, and to pay funeral expenses in the event of death. Boys could remain at the Home only until they reached the age of 7.

The work of the Home was done by girls over 14 years of age, who were trained for service in house, laundry, and kitchen work. They lived in a separate department to the children, were are under their own matron. The girls received both religious and secular instruction, and were taught mending and plain needlework. As a rule, the time of training was two years.

The Home appears to have closed by 1901.


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