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St Michael's Cottage Orphan Home, Frampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire

St Michael's Cottage Orphan Home was established in 1881 on Penny Lane, now Park Lane, Frampton Cotterell, near Bristol. Run by the Church of England, it received orphans, destitute, friendless, illegitimate and delicate children of both sexes, from all parts of the Empire. The Home was run by the Congregation of Sisters of Charity.

Children were admitted from birth up to the age of 8, for boys, or 10, for girls. Boys remained in the Home till the age of 14 and girls till 16, when situations and outfits were found for them.

In January, 1885, a case of excessive punishment of girls at the Home came before magistrates, the defendant being named Catherine Jones, but known as Sister Catherine, a member of the Sisters of Charity. It was alleged that Jones had beaten Margaret Elizabeth Brown, aged 14, with the handle of a shovel and had also caned her on the hands until she made them bleed. She had also severely chastised another girl named Florence Herbert, aged 11, with a strap. The bench imposed a fine of 10 shillings plus costs in each case.

The Home is believed to have closed by the early 1920s. The property has now reverted to its original name of Step House.


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