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All Souls' Special School for Mentally Defective Roman Catholic Girls, Hillingdon, Middlesex

The All Souls' Special School for Mentally Defective Roman Catholic Girls was established in 1902 at Pield Heath House, Pield Heath Road, Hillingdon, Middlesex. It was run by Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus of Mary.

On April 22nd, 1909, the establishment — now also receiving boys — was certified as a Special Industrial School, allowing it to take children placed under detention by magistrates. The School provided accommodation, in separate blocks, for 32 boys and 45 girls. The staff at this date comprised Sister Winifred Tyrrell and eight Sisters of the Sacred Heart.

A new certificate was issued in April, 1926, specifying that the School's accommodation was now only for girls.

Following the 1933 Children and Young Persons Act which replaced the existing system of Reformatories and Industrial Schools by Approved Schools, All Souls continued in operation as a certified institution under the 1913 Mental deficiency Act. It now housed up to 120 girls aged from 5 to 14 years.

The establishment has now become Pield Heath House School, a non-maintained school for children and young people with special educational needs. The School is still under the Trusteeship of The Sisters of The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Pield Heath House School


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