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La Preference Vegetarian Children's Home, St Martin, Jersey, Channel Isles

La Preference Vegetarian Children's Home originated in the vegetarian guest house run by Flora and Sidney Walden, located at the junction of La Rue du Hucquet and La Grande Route de Saint Martin, in the parish of Saint Martin. In 1951, the couple took in three children who had previously been in residential care in Liverpool. The following year, the home came under the wing of the UK Vegetarian Society, although for several years, the residents were technically viewed as being fostered by Flora Walden. In 1954, Flora Walden had a permit to look after 14 children although that number was regularly exceeded. From 1970, La Preference was officially regarded as a 'voluntary home' that was subject to regulations and inspections.

Former La Preference Vegetarian Children's Home, St Martin, Jersey. © Peter Higginbotham

In 1984, the running of the home was taken over by States of Jersey's Education Committee. At that time there were twenty children in residence, together with nine care staff and two domestic staff. The home continued to be known as La Preference but was no longer run on vegetarian lines.

A report in January 2009, noted that La Preference provided residential care for a maximum of 10 residents. It recommended that La Preference should be closed and the residents transferred to another establishment, Brig-y-Don, which was in the process of undergoing refurbishment. However, when La Preference was finally closed in October 2012,and the remaining residents (many over 16 and some over 18) were instead transferred to Field View, a property which had been renovated to provide bedsit accommodation.


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