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Mount Hermon Girls' Orphan Home, Kilburn, London

Mount Hermon Girls' Orphan Home was established in 1863 by Mary Ann Cole to care for, train, and teach two orphan girls. After the death of Miss Cole in 1887, her cousin, Mrs Mary Ann Parry, took over management of the establishment. By the 1890s, the Home had grown until it could hold over 100 and occupied premises at 47, 49 and 55 Cambridge Avenue (sometimes given as Cambridge Road North), Kilburn, London NW6. By 1890, there was also an annexe to the Home at Praise Cottage, Mill Lane, West Hampstead.

In 1890, the formally stated aim of the Home was to receive 'destitute orphan girls between 6 and 12 years of age, without election or charge, whenever there is a vacancy... They are treated as a family, and at 15 years of age are placed in suitable situations.' Admission to the Home could also be obtained by an annual payment of £14 a year. Orphans having relations able to provide for them were ineligible.

As well as receiving a basic, non-denominational education, the girls were instructed in housework and needlework.

In 1905, the home relocated to Sevenoaks in Kent.


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