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Lancashire and National Sea Training Homes, Liscard, near Wallasey, Cheshire

The Lancashire (Navy League) Home for 'poor deserving boys' was founded in 1902 at Withens Lane, Liscard, near Wallasey. The institution was established by the Liverpool Branch of the Navy League, and worked in conjunction with the Manchester branch of the League. The homes could accommodate up to 200 boys who were required to be of good character. Instruction was given in every aspect of seamanship that could be taught on shore. Berths were then obtained for the boys on board merchant ships, or in the Navy when they reached the requisite physical standard for that Service. A home was also established for the use of the lads between voyages.

Boys were received between the ages of 14 to 15½ years, although Poor Law boys were taken at an earlier age. The boys were bound as apprentices for three years after admission. A payment was required of £18 4s. per annum, and £3 10s. for outfit on admission. The minimum physical requirements were as follows:

144ft. 9in.28-29in.
14½4ft. 10in.29-30in.
15½5ft. 1in.30-31in.

In 1911, the Superintendent Commander was Captain A.H. Garnons-Williams, R.N. The Secretary was Captain Alan Field, F.R.G.S., and the address of the Society's offices, Tower Buildings, Water Street, Liverpool.

In 1916, the establishment, up until then officially known as 'The Lancashire (Navy League) Home for Poor Boys', was renamed the 'Lancashire and National Sea Training Home for Boys'.

In 1944, the Homes amalgamated with the Indefatigable and renamed The Indefatigable and National Sea Training School for Boys. The School closed in 1995. The premises no longer survive.


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  • Merseyside Maritime Museum, Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AQ. Holdings include Committee Registers (1906-49); Minute Books (1913-60, 1964-84); Annual Reports and Accounts (1901-34, 1941-88); Correspondence (1901-35); Articles of Association (1913-52); Register Books (1865-1990, subject to access restrictions); Visitor Report Books (1865-1978); Punishment Books (1951-95, subject to access restrictions); Boys Discharge Book (1961-86); Medical and Dental Registers (1937-70, subject to access restrictions); Photographs (1980-90); Statistics (1865-49).


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  • None identified at present.