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Children's Home Records

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Religious Organisations

Children’s homes were operated by a number of religious groups and organisations. Records from the Church of England's Waifs and Strays Society and the Methodists' National Children's Home have already been referred to on a previous page.

Many Roman Catholic children's homes were organised within Catholic diocesan areas and run by a branch of the Catholic Children's Society, perhaps in conjunction with a particular religious order. Where the (often now renamed) Children's Society or order is still active, it may hold records for the homes they operated. Alternatively, records may have been placed in the relevant Catholic diocesan or county archives. A list of Catholic diocesan and related links is given below.

Diocesan WebsiteChildcare Organisations
Arundel & Brighton Diagrama Foundation (formerly Cabrini)
Birmingham Father Hudson's
Brentwood Catholic Children's Society (Brentwood)
Cardiff St David's Children's Society
Clifton CCS Adoption
East Anglia
Down and Connor Family Care Society
St Andrews and Edinburgh St Andrew's Children's Society
Glasgow St Margaret's Children and Family Care Society
Hallam Hallam Caring Services
Hexham and Newcastle St Cuthbert's Care
Lancaster Caritas Care
Leeds Catholic Care (Leeds)
Liverpool Nugent Care
Menevia St David's Children's Society
Middlesbrough Catholic Child Care
Northampton St Francis' Children's Society
Nottingham Faith in Families (former Catholic Children's Society)
Paisley St Margaret's Children and Family Care Society
Portsmouth Diagrama Foundation (formerly Cabrini)
Plymouth Catholic Children's Society (Plymouth)
Salford Caritas, Salford
Shrewsbury Catholic Children's Society (Shrewsbury)
Southwark Diagrama Foundation (formerly Cabrini)
Westminster Catholic Children's Society (Westminster)
Wrexham St David's Children's Society

Some Catholic religious orders that ran homes are listed below.

Anyone researching Catholic ancestors in the UK may also be interested in the Catholic Family History Society.

Anglican religious orders that ran homes for children and young adults included:

Homes were also run by other faith-based organisations including: