Certified Schools — Lancashire-Lincolnshire

Note that over the years, many establishments changed location and/or name, sometimes more than once. Multiple dates for the same establishment may indicate a change of management or premises.


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Audenshaw Home for Girls, Trafalgar House, 336 Audenshaw Road, Audenshaw26-Nov-1897 
Bolton Training Home, 207 Park Road, Bolton27-Jun-189210-Aug-1899
Bolton Training Home, 43 Bromwich Street, Bolton10-Aug-189914-Feb-1910
Edgworth / Crowthorn School, Broadhead Road, Turton, Bolton24-May-1899 
Moss Bank Home for Girls, Halliwell, Bolton 9-Oct-189410-Dec-1894
Bolton Home for Girls, Wardleigh, 112/114 Radcliffe Road, Bolton29-May-1908 
St Mary's Home for Roman Catholic Girls, 15A Everton Crescent, Liverpool 9-Jun-189711-May-1910
Roman Catholic Asylum for the Blind, 59 Brunswick Road, Liverpool 7-Aug-186814-Sep-1907
Bishop O'Reilly Memorial / Liverpool Diocesan Poor Law School for Girls, Honey's Green Lane, Leyfield, West Derby, Liverpool23-Nov-1894 
St Gabriel's Home, Knolle Park House, Beaconsfield Road, Woolton, Liverpool30-Sep-1909 
Sheltering Home for Destitute Children, Myrtle Street, Liverpool22-Dec-1899 
West Derby Orphanage for Girls, Town Row, West Derby, Liverpool 4-May-1867 
Training Home for Girls, Vale House, 135 Saint Domingo Vale, Liverpool28-Feb-188228-Jun-1884
Didsbury Training Home, 16 Clyde Road, Withington, Manchester12-Feb-189626-Mar-1910
Galloway Home for Girls, 34 Upper Chorlton Road, Whalley Range, Manchester 7-Nov-1911 
Royal Schools for the Deaf and Dumb, Boyer Street, Old Trafford, Manchester 5-Jun-188631-Aug-1907
Manchester and Salford Refuges, Central Home, 14 Francis (or Frances) Street, Strangeways, Manchester26-Jun-1888 
Our Lady of Lourdes' Home, Didsbury Lodge, 823 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester1930s 
Manchester and Salford Refuges Boys' Emigration Training Home, Great Ducie Street, Manchester29-Dec-1892 
St Bridget's Orphanage, Livesey Street, Oldham Road, Manchester 3-Jun-1867 5-Sep-1876
Manchester and Salford Refuges Emigration Home for Girls, Rosen Hallas, Cheetham Hill, Manchester26-Jun-1889 
Nazareth House, Scholes Lane, Heaton Park, Manchester31-Oct-1912 
Girls' Mutual Aid Home, St Joseph's Home, 85 Rumford Street, Chorlton upon Medlock, Manchester 6-Apr-189412-Feb-1907
Female Refuge and Servants' Home, Stockport Road, Manchester23-Dec-1863 
St Joseph's Home, Worsley Road, Patricroft, Manchester1930s 
St George's Orphanage, Walverden Park,St George's Road, Nelson12-Oct-1911 
Newchurch In Rossendale Home for Girls, 22 Church Street, Newchurch-in-Rossendale 4-Sep-1894 
St Vincent's (Bishop O'Reilly Memorial) School for Boys, Fulwood, Preston31-Mar-1897 
Moorfield Orphanage, Ribbleton Avenue, Preston 6-Sep-1909 
St Joseph's Orphanage and Hospital for the Sick Poor, Theatre/Mount Street, Preston22-Mar-187917-Jul-1890
St Thomas's Home Industrial School Auxiliary Home, Tulketh Hall, Francis Street, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston1898 
Nazareth House, Butterstile Lane, Prestwich 4-Dec-190531-Oct-1912
Buckley Hall Orphanage, Buckley Road, Wardleworth, Rochdale26-Sep-1888 
Rochdale Home for Boys, Cambridge House, 12 Castlemere Street, Rochdale29-Jan-1914 
Home for Orphan and Destitute Children, 167 Sussex Road, Southport18-Jun-19001910
Newchurch In Rossendale Home for Girls, Tunstead, Stacksteads18-Sep-1890 
Holly Mount Orphanage / School, Holly Mount Lane, Tottington23-May-1889; 29-Nov-190214-Oct-1902
Home for Roman Catholic Girls, Greenfield House, Carr Mill Road, Billinge, Wigan10-Aug-1903 


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
St Catherine's Home for Roman Catholic Girls, Dane Hills, Leicester28-Jan-190711-Feb-1908


Name and LocationCert. GrantedCert. Ended
Training Home and Free Registry, 17 Chambers Street, Grantham 2-Feb-18868 Jan 1900
St Anthony's Orphanage, Victor Street, Grimsby19-Apr-190024-Sep-1900
Lincoln GFS Orphanage and Training Home, 76 Newland, Lincoln 8-Jul-1882 
St Hugh's Home for Boys, Newport House, 23 Newport, Lincoln 6-Mar-1912 
St Margaret's Home for Girls, 66 Victoria Road, Louth12-Feb-1912